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The 1.75 handicap is the odds bet that appears the most on bookmakers’ betting boards whenever a football match occurs, regardless of scale. Today, Lodi646 will help you understand more about these odds and experiences to win soccer betting. Please follow the article below!

1.75 handicap in soccer

According to 10JiLI find out the 1.75 handicap is also known as the 1 3/4 handicap or the 1 and a half 2 handicap handicap, which is an Asian Handicap that you can easily find on all betting sites. This ratio appears when two teams playing against each other have a large difference in form, formation, playing style, etc. as determined by leading experts in the football industry.

1.75 handicap in soccer

Accordingly, the team that is stronger and considered to have more advantage is called the upper team, and vice versa, the lower team is considered weaker. The upper team will handicap the lower team by one and a half goals. When the match ends, the bookmakers will calculate points based on these odds to decide the bettor’s win or loss.

Specifically, the 1.75 handicap is shown in detail through 3 cases of win, loss and draw as follows:

When the upper team wins the lower team by at least 3 goals (3 – 0, 5 – 2, 4 – 1,…), the player who bets on the upper team will win the entire bet amount.
When the upper team wins the lower team by 2 goals (2 – 0, 4 – 2, 3 – 1,…), the person who bets on the upper bet will win 50% of the bet, and the person who bets on the under will lose 50% of the bet.
In case of a draw or the strong team wins by 1 goal against the weak team, because the underdog team is the handicapped team, whoever bets on this team will win all the money and the person who bets on the upper bet will lose the entire bet.

For example

To help players have a clearer picture of this bet, 009 will use the example of the match between Inter Milan and Sassuolo. If the player’s bet on this bet is $200, Inter Milan accepts Sassuolo at -0.862, and Inter Milan accepts 0.730.

Calculate the bonus amount of this bet according to the following 3 cases:

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If Milan wins by more than 3 goals, the person who bets on Milan receives 200 + 200 * 100% = 400$ and the person who bets on Sassuolo loses 200$.
If Milan wins by 2 goals, the person betting on Milan wins 200 + 200 * 50% = 300$ and betting on Sassuolo will lose 100$.
If the match ends in a draw or Milan wins by 1 goal, the bettors on Milan will lose 200 * 0.862 = 172.4$, while those who bet on Sassuolo will win 200 + (200 * 0.730) = 346$.

Experience in betting 1.75 from master

Experience in betting 1.75 from master

After thoroughly understanding the 1.75 handicap and knowing how to calculate the handicap through the previous example, you must be very eager to play this handicap. However, understanding is not enough, you should spend more time learning from the experiences of your predecessors to increase your odds of winning when betting.

Choose the appropriate time to bet

Timing is an important factor in any sport, especially football, which has golden moments that can completely change the situation. Therefore, players need to have high concentration to decide when to bet because sometimes the underdog team is the more dominant team if they play at home.

Play 1.75 handicap at a reputable place.

Many people who participate in soccer betting with odds such as 1/4 handicap, 1.25 handicap, or 1.75 handicap are afraid that their winnings will not be refunded. Players should choose reputable and legally certified addresses like 009 to ensure their money is transacted safely and quickly.

Understand clear information about the match you will bet on

Bettors should learn all the information about the match they are betting on to know what to do in certain situations. For example, you can read information about the team, the health status of the players, the confrontation history of the two teams, where the match will take place or learn about the recent transfer situation.

So, Lodi646 has helped you decipher the 1.75 handicaps through specific examples and gives you top betting experiences from experts. Hopefully, this article can provide players with practical knowledge on their sports betting journey.

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