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The world of betting games is becoming more diverse and richer than ever. The need to play and entertain with betting is increasing. Therefore, many new forms of betting have been born to meet the trends and needs of players. One of the latest betting genres born to meet the needs of players is esport betting. So what is e-sports and how do you play? Let’s find out the details with 10JILI bookmaker right below.

What is eSports? An Overview of eSports

What is eSports? ESports is classified as a sports betting game at online bookmakers. ESports is an abbreviation of Electronic Sports. Unlike other regular sports, eSports takes place on electronic game applications, played on PCs, tablets, phones, etc.

ESports do not take place at sports fields or gyms like traditional sports. Instead, the match takes place on an online virtual graphics system. These virtual environments are designed differently depending on the type of game you participate in. Playing ESports is mainly based on skills and levels, tactics performed on electronic devices.

What is eSports? An Overview of eSports
What is eSports? An Overview of eSports

Nowadays, with the constant development of the number of eSports tournaments, there are more and more prestigious tournaments with large scales, regional and international. They are attracting millions of fans to watch and cheer. With the explosive growth of e-sports, this game has been recognized as an official sport. E-sports has appeared in the sports competition system at national and regional sports festivals.

Popular Esport Betting Games Today

After having an overview and understanding of what e-sports is? Next, let’s explore the attractive e-sports games included in the betting system. Esport betting is no less diverse than other traditional sports games. Players can choose from many e-sports games to bet on:

Popular Esport Betting Games Today
Popular Esport Betting Games Today

League of Legends: This is considered the number 1 game in the world today. The number of players in this game is among the top in the world.

Dota2: One of the equally attractive team-based combat games is Dota2. This game was released before League of Legends. There are still many similarities between these two games.

PUBG: This is an exciting and attractive tactical shooting game. It has emerged as a phenomenon in the past few years.

StarCraft 2: This is an attractive strategy game provided by publisher Blizzard. It has quite attractive content and storyline. Gamers will build bases, harvest resources, produce soldiers, and upgrade soldiers to destroy each other’s bases until the opponent loses.

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FIFA: This is a leading football graphics game today. Players experience football matches simulated with extremely realistic and vivid 3D graphics, making them feel like real-life games.

In addition to the Esports betting games mentioned above, bookmakers now also offer many other attractive Esports betting options, such as CS, Valorant, Counter-Strike, NBA 2K, and more.

Top Attractive Forms of E-Sports Betting Today

In each e-sports match, bookmakers will provide players with different betting options. In general, e-sports bets are quite similar to other sports betting bets. With a variety of attractive bets, it will bring you moments of top entertainment with Esports.

Top Attractive Forms of E-Sports Betting Today
Top Attractive Forms of E-Sports Betting Today
  • Winning team bet: You bet on the team that wins the final round of an e-sports match.
  • Handicap bet: The bookie gives a handicap for the match, players rely on that ratio to bet on the team that they think will win.
  • Over/Under bet: The bookie will predict the score of the e-sports match. The result is over when the score is higher than the bookie’s prediction, otherwise it is under.
  • Map bet: You bet on a pair to win the map in a certain game.
  • First kill bet: You win the bet when the team you choose has the first kill.
  • First tower break bet: For some team-based competitive sports such as League of Legends, and Dota2, … there will be a bet to break the first tower.


With the dedicated and detailed sharing of the bookmaker 10JILI, bettors have clearly understood what e-sports is. This is the hottest trending esport betting game genre today. Loved and participated by many young players. It promises to be a sports betting genre that will explode and develop more widely in the betting enthusiast community shortly. Deposit and join esports betting with us.

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