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3D Fish Shooting is an online reward game that many people love because of its beautiful configuration and simple rules. However, winning this game is not easy. Join 10jili to learn playing strategies from experienced experts through the article below!

3D fish shooting – attractive game

3D fish shooting - attractive game
3D fish shooting – attractive game

3D fish shooting has long become an extremely attractive online prize game, even becoming a trend, sought after by many people. When playing, you will embark on a journey to hunt sea monsters under the ocean. The larger the number of fish you eat, the more valuable rewards you will receive.

This is an easy game to play and can be played anywhere, anytime, from your phone, tablet or PC… Currently, this game has appeared on all different platforms. , from game portals to online gaming applications…

Besides, 3D fish shooting has no age limit, anyone can play. Because this is an easy game to participate in, the rules are quite simple. However, it brings an interesting experience for players when exploring countless species of marine life on the ocean floor. Therefore, if you are a fan of online reward games, you cannot miss this interesting game.

Why is 3D fish shooting so attractive?

Why is 3D fish shooting so attractive?
Why is 3D fish shooting so attractive?

It is not simple that this game attracts players so much. With eye-catching graphics, a streamlined game layout, and many different types of weapons, 3D fish shooting has been sought after by players.

Great graphics configuration

With many upgraded versions, this game has produced an extremely beautiful configuration version. Game participants seem to be immersed in the cool blue water of the vast ocean, along with thousands of colorful marine species. An aquarium appears before your eyes with vividly moving sea monsters, and other special creatures such as: Dragon King and Submarine… will help players feel more excited about this online game.

Besides, 3D fish shooting is also designed harmoniously through the arrangement of each pointing object under the aquarium. Along with that, the game layout also gives players the best experience by arranging enough information for you to clearly understand the number of coins you own, or the type of weapon you are using…

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Diverse weapons

In the 3D fish shooting game, sea monster hunting weapons are a huge advantage when the manufacturer has created countless different weapons, giving players freedom to choose from. Depending on different purposes, gamers need to flexibly change weapons to be able to bring back valuable rewards.

  • Small gun: This type of gun only requires a few coins to shoot, suitable for shooting small fish or fish in groups. When you first play, you should use this gun to save maximum coins!
  • Mid-range gun: With the average fish appearing in the 3D fish shooting game, use this gun to take them down. Medium-range guns have wider coverage than small guns and will consume a larger amount of coins to be able to hunt targets.
  • Big guns: Mainly use guns to take down large fish, or special creatures such as: Mermaids, dragon kings, submarines… With big guns, you will easily handle the target and take over all the areas. valuable bonus. However, the amount of coins to use will also cost a lot of money.

3D fish shooting strategy for new players

3D fish shooting strategy for new players
3D fish shooting strategy for new players

In any game, having playing strategies is extremely necessary to be able to get the most attractive gifts. To hit the target in the 3D fish shooting game, apply the strategies that 10jili shares below:

Aim and shoot accurately at the target

If you are new to the game, try to practice aiming accurately. In particular, a whole school of fish swimming by will make it easier to eat the target than a single fish. However, aiming and shooting accurately is not simple. You need to practice more to be familiar with your hands and eyes.

First, to make it easier, players should shoot fish that move slowly and go in one direction. These are the simplest types of fish for you to practice to become proficient. Hitting the fish will help gamers save quite a few coins, and also bring more bonus points.

Shoot even special creatures

Besides common fish species, the 3D fish shooting game also features many new special creatures such as sea turtles, dragon kings, mermaids, submarines… These are extremely valuable bonus gifts. Many participants did not know that these creatures would earn money and accidentally ignored them.

If you are a newbie, you should not make this mistake, don’t miss out on such unique bargains! Try to accumulate coins and gather your strength to eat these special monsters to “receive” extremely attractive gifts.

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Don’t try to shoot hidden fish

Hidden fish will contribute to increasing the difficulty of the game. Hunting these fish is a hobby for veteran players because you will win a decent amount of money from these “difficult-to-eat” fish.

However, for those who If are new to 3D fish shooting, you should not try to shoot hidden fish. Because this will consume a lot of time, effort, and your bet!

Don’t ignore small fish

If you are a new player, you often “overlook” small fish and only focus on eating giant creatures, thinking that eating big fish will be easier and will also give you a higher reward. This is a big mistake. Because to win big fish, you need to spend more money to bet and if you fail to defeat the target, the player will completely lose the coins he or she spent previously.

Therefore, when starting to play 3D fish shooting, gamers should destroy small to medium fish to be able to count coins and survive to eat more large sea monsters. Staying alive on the table while eating small “dishes” will help you get more special trophies!

Do not shoot fish to the edge of the table

In the 3D fish shooting game, you will see some fish going in and out of the screen area. These are the decoys installed to “inhibit” the player. From then on, you will try your best to eat these difficult fish.

If unfortunately “fallen into this trap” from the manufacturer, gamers will spend a lot of money. Therefore, you should not shoot the fish at the edge, but focus on the target in the middle of the screen to have a higher winning rate. At the same time, it is also easier to aim for fish in the center.


With the experiences and tricks of playing FISH SHOOTING shared from 10jili, hopefully, fellow gamers can learn more strategies to win attractive rewards from this online 3D fish shooting game.

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