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How to play Andar Bahar to win big attracts the attention of many bettors. Because it helps to increase the ability to win bets and optimize the capital used. However new participants often do not know these effective ways to play. Next, let’s look at the article on 10JILI to learn more about the unbeaten ways to play Andar Bahar to help newbies quickly become experts and bring home many rewards.

Learn About Andar Bahar

Andar Bahar is a card game from the South Indian region. It has become popular and loved by many players all over the world because of its interesting gameplay. Players can now play Andar Bahar not only in offline casinos but also online through bookmakers. Simply open an account and deposit to place bets on the betting boxes of this game.

In this Indian card game, a deck of 52 Western cards is used, in which many people bet. After betting, the dealer will reveal any face-up cards and then divide the cards between Andar and Bahar. Deal the cards until a card appears that matches the original card and stop.

The game offers many betting doors with different options for you. Each door will have different payout rates and the possibility of appearing. So, play regularly to learn how to predict and improve your capital efficiency. In this way, anyone can bet and win easily and bring themselves a large amount of winnings. In addition, the house often offers promotions when playing this game, so take advantage of them.

Betting Types in Andar Bahar Game

Betting Types in Andar Bahar Game

The Andar Bahar card game has many betting options, so players have more choices to increase their efficiency when playing. Here are some popular bets that beginners need to know:

Bet on the color of the first card: You will guess what color the first card is: hearts, diamonds, clubs, spades

Value bet: You will predict whether the first card will be higher, lower, or equal to 8.

Bet on Andar or Bahar: You will bet on Andar or Bahar. This will be based on guessing which side has the card that matches the initial middle card that was dealt.

Bet on Total Cards: The participant will estimate the total number of cards that need to be drawn to match the first card.

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Share Your Experience To Win This Card Game

Just like other games, there are many betting options. if you want to win Andar Bahar, you have an effective playing style. Many people mistakenly think that relying on intuition or luck to win is a completely wrong thought. Below we will explain to you the effective playing experience of this game.

Split Bets Into Bet Boxes

This playing experience is based on the principle of dividing the bet amount equally into different betting boxes. This way it will help you increase your chances of winning. It also players limits the loss of betting capital. Instead of betting all the money on one betting box, players should divide their money and place it in different betting boxes. Helps you increase your winning rate a lot.

Apply the Martingale strategy flexibly

Playing Andar Bahar based on Martingale’s strategy is a smart choice but also quite risky. This form of play requires players to be patient and calm while playing. It also requires a lot of capital before losing bets and having to double the bet. The principle of this game is that if you lose in the first game, you will double the bet for the next game. When you win, bet with the same bet as the first game.

Apply the Martingale strategy flexibly

Start with simple bets to increase the odds of winning

Many players practice this way of playing Andar Bahar because it brings good results. In the starting bets, you should bet on simple yes bets, the characteristic of these bets is that the payout rate is not high. Although these bets have low payout rates, they are quite safe and have a high winning rate.


The above article contains some information about the Andar Bahar card game. The way to play Andar Bahar without losing has been practiced by many experts, bringing success. I hope you win with these playing methods and bring home big prizes. What are you waiting for, Regularly participate in practice to improve your skills and win.

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