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Welcome all of you who are watching live Knife Cockfighting on our website 10jili, with the motto of entertaining cockfighting to serve you 24/24 with the best live streaming quality, no lag for you. Watch eye-catching and dramatic American cockfighting matches.

Knife cockfighting

Knife cockfighting
Knife cockfighting

Knife cockfighting is a cockfighting sport that has been played for a long time in the world, especially with American and Peruvian chicken breeds. Different from iron spur cockfighting in Philippines, knife spur cockfighting uses a pair of blade-like spurs, and is used on American and Peruvian chicken lines, while Filipino iron spur cockfighting is mainly on feathered chicken lines ( Southern pot chicken).

Because the lethality is so high, in Philippines cockfighting enthusiasts do not use this type of spur, but only use small and round iron spurs, which have lower lethality and less impact on the cocks after the fight.

Live knife cockfighting

Due to the epidemic, most of Thomo’s spur cockfighting stations have temporarily closed their spurs, so currently, to meet the entertainment needs of live cockfighting enthusiasts, many websites have broadcast live cockfighting cockfights directly from the schools. Foreign chickens, notably the Philippine and Mexican cockfighting arenas for everyone to watch and entertain.

To watch cockfighting live every day, you just need to go to our 10jili website from 9am until the end of the tournaments at cockfighting arenas broadcast from 10jili website.

Rules of cockfighting with knife spurs

Rules of cockfighting with knife spurs
Rules of cockfighting with knife spurs

Before the jockey enters the ring, the referee will weigh the cock, check the ring code, check the spurs carefully and see if the cock is valid in all aspects according to the rules here. The cockfighter is also allowed to check the opponent’s legs and spurs to protect his own rights.

After being declared valid, the referee will ask the handlers to let the cocks peck a few times to help them get ready and then release them at the referee’s signal.

Position of the jockey. Cocks and cocks must always be in full view of the referee and spectators. When they hear the command to prepare, both handlers must go to the level, face each other, wait for the command and release the chickens.

Catch chickens. After the cocks are released and fought, the referee only orders capture when it is clear that one or two of the cocks are stuck in the spurs. The referee has full authority when to order the cock to be captured. When this command is given, the chickens must be caught immediately regardless of whether they show signs of being stuck in spurs or not.

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At all times during the match, no one, whether the jockey or the referee, is allowed to touch the cock. When the order is given to catch the cock, the handlers must immediately follow it.

The order to capture a cock is given when a cock gets its spurs stuck to an opponent, the wall of the pit, itself, or in the event of an error.

At any time, if the referee suspects that a cock is stuck in any way, he must order the cock to be captured.

You have to remove the spurs from your cock yourself. The referee will hold the other cock under the knee and not lift it off the ground to remove the spur.

The player is not allowed to touch the opponent’s cock at any time.

Philippine American cockfighting

Live knife cockfighting
Live knife cockfighting

Currently, the Philippine American cockfighting movement is flourishing in Philippines. Unlike spur cockfighting, American cockfighting is often broadcast from morning until evening, sometimes from 8am to 3am the next day, so brothers If you don’t have time in the morning, you can watch cockfighting in the evening.

Before coming to American cockfighting matches, we invite you to take a look at the tricks when fighting American cockfighting to gain more good experience.

  • The person who holds or releases the chicken can break its thigh with his fingers in a split second, or can (by pressing his thumb firmly on the kidney or the chicken’s rump) make it run away.
  • If the handler or the owner of the cock lets another person approach the cock before the fight, it can be haunted in an instant, because the handler can benefit if it loses the fight.
  • If one side sticks a spur to the other side, the handler on the side of the chicken that is stuck with the spur must remove the spur himself, because if he lets the enemy handler, he can twist the spur in another direction when he pulls out and injure the domestic chicken more seriously, and may can (using the tip of a spur) drill a hole causing domestic chickens to bleed to death; This should be avoided.
  • The enemy often pretends not to see his cock stuck to his cock; He immediately lifted the cock up as high as possible, and almost pulled the cock’s head next to him or let his cock swing hard into the ring.
  • If the cock has only one eye, the handler should not let it go until he is sure he can see his opponent, but if the enemy handler has the opportunity, he will let the cock go on the side of his blind eye, so be alert.
  • When both chickens are too exhausted to lift their heads, and perhaps unable to bite the opponent, one side, while letting go of its beak, uses its hand to lift its head, and suddenly lifts its tail, chopping its head at the opponent. and it looks like it’s still pecking even though that’s not the case. This game requires careful observation.
  • If one side, after pecking, becomes too weak to repeat, then the other side pretends to put its beak down, letting its head fall under the chest of this side as if dodging the attack, then it is the turn of the side to peck down and To win a battle, they must always follow every step “according to the rules” before mining.
  • If the enemy cock fights well with its feathers and loses its strength – it will switch to holding feathers and fighting – and immediately drop its beak to rest on its own cock’s back and neck, a very favorable position for it if allowed, but that is cheating and not good. Acceptable.
  • Both sides of the chicken must be balanced with scales; because if there is even the slightest mistake, another scale can be swapped in.
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