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If you are a regular in handicap football betting, the number 1-4 is no stranger to you. However, for new players, this is a fairly low handicap and they do not know how to play it. This handicap often appears in matches where the two teams are not too different in terms of level. So what is a 1-4 handicap, how to read it? Let’s find out in detail in the article below!

What is a 1-4 handicap?

What is a 1-4 handicap?

Before knowing what a 1-4 handicap is, you need to understand what a handicap is. Handicap means Asian Handicap or Handicap “is a form of football betting in which the handicap team must win with a difference greater than the given ratio for the bettor of that team to win the bet.

Asian handicap is a form of sport betting that creates a more equal betting environment between two different teams by giving “handicap points” (expressed in the number of goals) to the teams before you start. In the Asian handicap, the score of goals conceded is calculated for the team most likely to win (ie the higher rated team) compared to the team least likely to win (ie the weaker team). weak).

Thus, we can understand that the handicap is the probability that the house gives the higher team’s odds to the lower team. This handicap has many forms and 1-4 is one of them. A 1-4 goal handicap (0.25, 0-0.5) is a handicap in which the higher team will accept the lower team 0.25 goals (or 1-4 goal). When participating, bettors will bet on one of the following two odds: higher or lower odds. The result of the match will be used as a basis to determine whether the bet is won or lost.

The 1-4 bet will often appear in matches where the two teams do not have a big difference in terms of level. With a 1-4 odds ratio, it can be applied in the form of the first half or the whole match, but in this case the whole match form will be more popular. And no matter what form it is, it has the same way of calculating odds. Therefore, when playing 1-4 odds, you only need to remember that the stronger team must win against the weaker team with a difference of more than 0.25 points.

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How to read 1-4 handicap (0.25, 0-0.5)

How to read 1-4 handicap (0.25, 0-0.5)

This is a difficult bet, so you need to know how to read the 1-4 bet to know how to receive bets every time you encounter it. More precisely, the odds are read as follows:

Betting case

When participating in the 1-4 handicap, there will be 2 doors: Upper and Lower. You will click on the bonus rate of each bet to participate. With 1-4 bet, the following cases will occur:

  • If the top team wins against the bottom team with a difference of 1 goal or more (1-0, 2-0…) then the bettor on the top team will win all the money, the bettor on the bottom team will lose all the money. money.
  • If the top team draws, those behind the top team will lose half the money and the bottom team will get half the money.
  • If the lower team beats the higher team with any score, the bettors below will win all the money and the players above will lose all the money.

How to calculate bets

With a 1-4 bet, the money calculation is divided into 4 cases: win all money, lose all money, win half money and lose half money. As follows:

  • If you win enough money: Bonus = Bet + (bet x bonus rate)
  • Case of winning half the amount: Bonus = Bet + (1/2 bet x bonus rate)
  • In case of losing enough money: Lose = Bet on the player who placed the bet before
  • In case of losing half the amount: Lose = 1/2 of the amount the player bet before

If the 1-4 left handicap bonus is negative (displayed with a “-“) then the capital will not be counted in the bonus but will be returned later.

Example of 1-4 left handicap

Looking at the table above is the match between Hungary and Switzerland in Group A of the Euro 2024 group stage. It can be seen that the handicap assigned to Switzerland is 1-4, the odds of the away team winning are 0.87 and of the home team is 0,93. Suppose you are a bettor and you bet on Switzerland -0.25 Full time, the bet amount is 100 USD. At this time, the following cases will occur:

  • The match ends Hungary 0 – 1 Switzerland, with this result you will win and have a bonus of 100 USD x 0.87 = 87 USD
  • The match ends Hungary 0-0 Switzerland, with this result the player will lose 50 USD, the rest will be refunded.
  • End of match Hungary 1-0 Switzerland, the bettor will lose the entire bet amount before
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Experience playing 1-4 left handicap effectively

Experience playing 1-4 left handicap effectively

If you are often confused with this type of bet, here are some trials to help you play as effectively as possible with a 1-4 handicap. Please refer before:

  • Bet on the stronger team: compare the odds and statistics on the performance of both teams. Because when the level is not too different, the motivation to perform will be an important basis for you to refer to. Look at the opponents that both teams have faced in the last 5 matches, whichever team is in better form, choose that team.
  • Bet based on head-to-head history: the secret to playing 1-4 handicap that not everyone knows. Therefore, you should summarize the head-to-head history to see which team has the best results in the last 5 encounters. After having the results, give priority to the team with the best head-to-head record.
  • Priority to the home team: When the handicap is 0.25 goals, the home field advantage will be an extremely important factor. Because then, the support of the home audience will be an important spiritual medicine for this team to achieve good results. So, in this type of bet, choose the home team (if it is the first leg).
  • Play combination odds: You can combine 1-4 odds with other main bets such as European odds or score bets. For example: you can choose the home team -0.25 and combine with the home team’s win and the score 1-0, 2-1, 2-0. This will increase your chances of winning when you bet.

Above is all the detailed information to help you answer the question of what is 1-4 left handicap that we have compiled from experts who follow the football schedule. This is also a fairly common odds ratio in football matches, so you need to understand it clearly to place the correct bet. Don’t forget the knowledge about 1-4 left handicap above to apply. And don’t forget to follow website of 10JILI for more betting news!

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