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The way you play Uno cards will help you quickly get acquainted and become more involved in the game. This is known to be an attractive form of entertainment that is not only loved by young people. With this card game you will be relaxed with moments of humor. Let’s join Jilimacao for more detailed discoveries about Uno soon after.

What’s the Uno?

Uno is a game that shows the continuous interaction of members as they join together. This kind of entertainment is famous for many interesting things you can explore. One of the characteristics of Uno is that you don’t use a familiar set of cards. Instead, it’s a Uno set with unique features that make it unique.

What's the Uno?

In 1971, the Uno was officially introduced and quickly spread all over the world. Now you can choose to join very simply thanks to the online platform on the internet developed. Usually, small groups sit together and play Uno to get the members together. In it, with a set of 108 cards and seven cards each.

The remaining number of cards not distributed to any member will be placed right in the middle of the playing table. It won’t take you a long time to get used to the current way of playing Uno. Thanks to that attractiveness and excitement, Uno has become more and more popular.

How to play Uno card game?

To register for the Uno game you need to learn relevant information such as the rules, the rules of the cards, how to split the cards. Below are specific eyelashes for you to catch.

Meaning of Uno cards

Like many other card games, each card in the Uno card has its own character and meaning. That’s what makes any set of 108 appealing and attractive. There will be four different colors: blue, red, green and yellow. Each color will consist of two 0s, two cards in a set from 1 to 9 and special cards. Those are the special features that make it interesting to play cards nowadays.

Especially the player will need to pay attention to turning turns, turning troops and turning more cards. They’re going to turn around in different situations when they happen. With the blocked card rated means that the player will suspend the rights of the next player. The color shift will make the color of the next leaf change and make it more dramatic.

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When you have a four-turn card right now, you are entitled to ask the next member to withdraw four more cards with a losing turn. The office’s in the game, so there’ll be a little change in the appearance. It’s the same, but twisting would have less disturbance.

How to split Uno card game

Learn how to play Uno. We can’t miss the split. The card-sharing style in this game is very special, each person will draw one card in the set. Whoever’s lucky to get the highest card gets the right to split the card. However, when you split the cards, the action or color group will not be counted on this value.

Once the dealer has been identified, the split will proceed in turn in the direction of the clock. Each member in turn, as stated, will be allowed to receive seven cards. All the remaining cards are placed in the center of the table for everyone to draw. When someone hits a card, it’s on the pitcher.

How to play Uno cards for newbies

When playing Uno you will need to grasp the self-regulated order of the game as follows:

Order of playing: The member on the left of the dealer will be the first to play. The remaining rounds will be conducted in a clockwise sequence to hit.

Matching: When playing with a hand, the card must be the same number or color as the previously played card. For example, when you hit with a red six, you have to hit another six, but not the same color. Additionally, members can print the same color with a turning ban, a change of dimension or a numbering function.

Right to withdraw if there is no matching card: in case you do not have the right card to play, you are allowed to draw more cards from the center of the table before passing the turn to the next person.

In the Uno mode: if you only have two cards left in your hand when you drop the last card, you must say “Uno”. That’s to inform the other members that there’s only one card left. In case of forgetting the game, the player is fined with two more cards.


The Uno card game we just brought through the detailed suggestions above. As you can see, this is very easy information you can learn and capture for participation. The fun experiences in Uno will bring you moments of relaxation, entertainment and comfort.

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